Laura Timm 
Laura is the founder of Success Without Limits, a personal development platform launching Q1 in 2018, created with the mission and vision to educate, motivate and inspire people around the world to pursue a dynamic and successful life.

As an International Speaker, Laura has spoken on the same stages with Randi Zuckerberg, George Ross, John Travolta, Calvin Klein, Vanilla Ice, 50 Cent, Hugh Hilton and many others.

Lorenzo Escobal 
Lorenzo Escobal is an internationally recognized, award winning serial entrepreneur and when you speak to him you may be forgiven in thinking he is much older than he is. Most people are surprised to find out that in fact he is a twenty-something millennial, who’s not afraid of hard work, who allows his employees to develop and grow by pushing their limits (gently) and enjoys exploring his creative side.

Christine Nielsen
Christine speaks internationally for both companies and large groups of business leaders.Christine incorporates over 20 years in the field of behaviour, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and adaptation to help individuals and leaders create new ways of performing. Spanning a vast range of industries including Fashion, Beauty & lifestyle to food & beverage and forestry and mining, healthcare, telecommunications, oil and gas, engineering and financial services.

Jeff has ​been empowering and entertaining people for many years! As the Student Activities Council Advisor and Leadership Teacher at Waterloo-Oxford DSS, he leads one of the largest and most impactful leadership programs in the province of Ontario. He is an engaging speaker and workshop presenter with experience at national, provincial, regional and local conferences.

Jeff Gerber
Sunil Godse

After reflecting back on his life, Sunil realized that ignoring intuition led to bad situations, two of them them being a time when he was left penniless and another time when a friend was shot and killed, two situations which could have been prevented had he listened to his intuition. He spent thousands of hours on research and interviewed over 1,000 people to find out why people ignored their intuition. What he discovered is that intuition is incredibly complex, being made up of four different types which come together in an instant in time to give us the right decision at the right time in any situation they find themselves in. He also discovered that each one of us has a unique combination of intuitive signals that get ignored, resulting in each one of us running into hurdles in our lives. Sunil created his Intuitionology project to educate people on how to decipher the complex nature of intuition and to recognize their unique set of intuitive signals so that they can begin to trust their intuition in each situation they find themselves in so that they can begin living a life full of happiness and success.
Amy Dwyer
Currently enrolled at the University of Waterloo Bachelor of Engineering program, Amy's career goal is to become a mechatronic engineer in order to further advance scientific and technological progress: this will hopefully aid as many people as possible within our lifetime and beyond.
Rafiq Dhanji
As a sustainability consultant, Rafiq works with businesses and organisations to create strategies for reducing their carbon footprint through sustainability programming and solutions, including steps to achieve certifications such as ISO 20121, LEED, WELL and NetZero. Rafiq takes a practical approach to helping clients achieve efficiencies and improve their environmental impact.

Rafiq also has experience working with international sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup, Olympic & Paralympic Games, Commonwealth Games and Pan Am & Parapan Am Games, implementing planning tools and efficiency initiatives to ensure successful operations.
Rebecca Raven
A passionate believer in the power of public libraries to stimulate positive change through community engagement, Rebecca Raven is the CEO of Brampton Library. She is co-creator and Program Director of the Public Library Leadership Program (PLLeaders). From puppeteering and storytelling to steering strategic planning and capital building, Rebecca reflects on her past quarter century as a hands-on librarian and top-level administrator and sees a bright future for public libraries here and around the world.
Roger Caesar
Roger Caesar is the proud business owner of Caesar Transport Inc., international award winning speaker, and a devoted father.

Caesar Transport Inc., located in Brampton, is a family owned company, and has been in existence for over 30 years carrying on the same traditions and beliefs as his father and founder Ray Caesar established.

He is an avid believer of giving back to his community. He is a huge contributor to the Youth leadership and feels strongly about using his experiences and knowledge to help our future leaders.
Devin Ramphal
A mechanical engineer by training, Devin Ramphal is the founder of the startup incubator DRAM Innovations. Whether it has to do with the development and design of products or making strategic business decisions, Devin works to bring ideas to life.

Featured on Dragons Den with an innovative fuel nozzle designed to stop drops after you finish pumping fuel, Devin's focus on building green technology explores new realms within the tech-sector.